Security. Above. All.

At Crypto Giveaway, we’re committed to ensuring you don’t fall victim to any type of crypto scam or fraud. It is of the utmost importance to always be vigilant and take the necessary steps to protect your crypto investments. We therefore urge you to carefully read the information below. Crypto attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated so always put your security first.

We Will NEVER Request For You To Send Us Any Funds

Under absolutely no circumstances will we ever ask you to send any amount of crypto to our address. Scammers may attempt to fraudulently pose as members of our team but always be on the lookout.

We Will NEVER Ask For Your Seed Phrase

Under absolutely no circumstances will we ever ask for your seed phrase. Remember – anyone who knows your seed phrase will be able to access your crypto. It is crucial to store your seed phase securely and prevent any bad actors from obtaining it.

We Will NEVER Send You Any URLs Or QR Codes

Under absolutely no circumstances will we privately send you any links. A common crypto attack involves users clicking on malicious links and getting scammed. In general, always think before clicking on any link as it can compromise your security.

We Will NEVER Ask For Any Personal Or Sensitive Information

Under absolutely no circumstances will we ask for any confidential information. This includes asking for any passwords, 2FA codes, or other sensitive information. In the event that you are the winner of a crypto giveaway, we recommend for you to create a new wallet with a fresh public address and follow general OpSec practices. For our newsletter, we only require an email address.

We Will NEVER Ask You To Connect Your Crypto Wallet To Our Site

Under absolutely no circumstances will we ask you to connect your MetaMask (or other web3 wallet) to our site. As a general rule – always practice caution before connecting your wallet and signing unknown transactions.

While it is imperative to be aware of the above actions, here is a list of some additional crypto scams to be aware of.

Impersonation Scams

Scammers may attempt to impersonate members of our team, representatives from other websites or even law enforcement. It’s important to be aware that fraudsters can also spoof phone numbers and/or customer support lines. They may attempt to reach you via an outbound phone call or through text. As a general rule – never allow remote access to your computer or provide any personal information over the phone.

WhatsApp Or Text Scams

Scammers may attempt to reach out to you via text or through WhatsApp with an urgent request. This often involves a fake security breach or some other means to create a stressful situation. When using centralized exchanges, always head to the official website and verify their official communication channels.

Retrieving Funds

Scammers may reach out to you asking for help retrieving funds from a wallet. They may even provide their seed phrase to you as a sign of “good faith” and then ask for a small amount to help cover gas fees. In this instance, as soon as you transfer any funds to the wallet, a bot will be triggered to automatically remove the funds before you can act.


While we have noted some of the most common crypto scams, please note that hackers are always finding new ways to steal from users. To reiterate, we will never ask you to send any funds or to provide compromising information. If you want to learn more about how to avoid scams, you can also refer to the articles below: